Support Senior Leader transitions with an experienced Executive Coach.

MTM Executive Coaching engages, inspires and renews Leadership passion.

Selecting your coach is an important task: you will need someone you trust, who has experience to share and the ability to listen to you.  To see if I am a good match for you, contact me today to set up a time to chat with no obligation.  While maintaining your confidentiality as well as that of my clients, I will inquire into your current situation and needs, possibly offering  suggestions or reference materials that address your concerns.  By sharing how I have supported the growth of top leaders at global firms I will offer suggestions on how we can work together. We will explore options to identify how I can best support you to transition into a new role, to develop and refine your leadership presence. Together we will create a plan to embrace the true essence of leadership by balancing humility and pride while building strong relationships for continued success.

Provide exceptional Leadership Coaching for all your future leaders.  

MTM Leadership Coaches are based where you need them to guide the development of your leadership bench

1. ON-SITE LEADERSHIP COACHES.As a Master Coach, Dr. Maddalena will create a coaching model for your company that sets specific criteria for the selection of coaches located at your domestic or international sites, outlining a consistent process to ensure effective development of high-potential staff. A coordinated coaching process enables your top performers to experience similar personal development opportunities, creating a common language of trust, rapport, innovation, and teamwork to describe a culture of leadership.

2. ON-LINE GROUP LEADERSHIP COACHING.  Provide a consistent approach to coaching even when your teams are located around the globe.  On-line team coaching engages small groups to explore teamwork, interpersonal communication, delegation, and the key elements of leadership.  Interactive group tasks and study enables your team members to build the trust,  rapport and empathy essential to developing effective working relationships.

Leverage the combined talent, knowledge and resources of teams to gain insight far beyond that produced in a silo.

Build relationships between individuals and departments by providing strategic, consistent leadership.

Harness the power and passion for a successful business transition.

Contact us today to learn why we have the unique honor of working with many of the same Fortune 100 clients for over 25 years!

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The process of self-coaching is addressing evolving transitions and change, where innovation, imagination, and creativity are born. This source of self-confidence is exposed in spontaneity, laughter and, ultimately joy.––Lucille Maddalena

As a person changes a life pattern, they evolve, changing life perspectives and expanding their acceptance to embrace greater wisdom and understanding.––Lucille Maddalena

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.––ALVIN TOFFLER

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.––JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY

Good decisions sprout from equal parts dissension and humor.

Leadership success begins with personal skills and knowledge; a continual journey of learning and self-discovery. Leaders inspire followers by building trust, establishing rapport and showing empathy.

Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., changed the world by inspiring others to act in ways that supported their mission and vision. The power to influence others exists only when a leaders is respected by followers.

When leaders gain respect, they gain a greater number of followers, as well as more entrenched followers. When leaders lose respect, they lose followers and their power and ability to further their goals.