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Executive Coach to Senior Corporate Leaders

Executive Coaching for leaders in transition. Refine your Executive Presence by continuing to evolve and succeed at new roles and greater responsibilities. The skills that took you up the ladder may not be what you need now–it is all about dropping old habits and forming new approaches to achieve today’s goals as a Leader, Role Model, Mentor, Senior Statesman.

Dr. Lucille MaddalenaDr. Lucille Maddalena lives her commitment to life-learning, sharing her experience as a Coach with C-suite leaders globally.  As a Master Coach she has developed coaching models and local expertise for her clients to provide on-site Leadership Coaching at offices across the US. In addition to serving her global clients she is certified as an Executive Coach by APECS, is an administer of the Hogan Leadership Assessments and MBTI,  and has taught at several US Universities. She currently serves on the Monmouth University Communications Council and for ten years on the Board of the NJ Organization Development Learning Community,

She describes her more than thirty years’ experience studying human behavior: “Retention and development of leaders through effective interpersonal relationships has been a vital part of my work with corporate clients. I’ve consulted with more than 35 companies; among them one global pharmaceutical firm continually since 1985 where I have assisted in excess of 4,000 executives to successfully advance. Compiling these numbers was a truly humbling experience. Each encounter with a talented business leader is unique.”

  • Interdisciplinary Doctorate from Rutgers University in Labor Education and Human Communications.
  • Twenty-five years supporting over 6,000 executives to successfully transition at Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Fifteen years transformational assistance to successful senior-level leaders navigating change and transition.
  • Published author and former journalist, her articles have won awards and appeared in multiple languages globally
  • An experienced facilitator, trainer and public speaker, she has designed and implemented seminars, conferences and workshops in North and South America.
  • Elected Official: Three terms in public office as a Council member

Dr. Maddalena’s interest in communications and the human dynamics of management lead her to become the first woman to enter the doctorate program in labor studies at Rutgers University; concurrently she was NJ’s first female radio drive-time newscaster. While a graduate student, Lucille began her career as an independent consultant as the result of an opportunity to serve a global pharmaceutical firm during a drug tampering crisis. Providing TRANSITION TO LEADERSHIP training to high potential employees, her unique program incorporates group and individual coaching with management development.

An active outdoor enthusiast,  she challenged her personal leadership and team building skills working with dogs in their natural environment, when she and her husband competed in dog sled racing. Her most notable win was placing lm sledrace6th in a class of twenty lead by four-time Iditarod winner Susan Butcher. Applying the same dynamic energy to her work, she has received accolades for her teams and confidence-building style.

Guiding the growth of Maddalena Transitions Management, a Morris Business Group, Inc. company, Dr. Maddalena works with a talented group of colleagues in the fields of psychology, adult education, management, sociology and science, to continue her efforts to apply a multidisciplinary approach to leadership learning. The materials and services provided through this  site reflect that goal.

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.”  Maya Angelou

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