Frequently Asked Questions

How are the free Articles and Case Studies used by Clients?

You are invited to obtain a free copy of the author’s materials presented on this site by contacting the author to request a reproducible, .pdf format copy be emailed to you. These documents are popular reference tools and discussion starters used by Development/Training professionals as well as Senior Level clients who are Mentoring younger employees

What is the length and cost of Individual or Group coaching?

MTM prepares a full proposal with budget for your approval prior to beginning our engagement.
Coaching: The cost for Coaching varies depending upon the level of the Client and the Coach as well as the duration of the engagement. Coaching engagements provide from 16 to 22 hours of coaching over a six month period as well as costs for the initial Assessments, Report Analysis and Debrief. Costs start at $15,000. A retainer equal to one month’s services is required prior to project start.
Workshops: The cost of a Workshop varies depending upon the length of the seminar, number of participants, support materials and required development of the program content. Costs start at $2,500 for a half-day session. All materials presented are copyrighted; duplication and distribution is only allowed by written permission.

Should we select a Coach that is nearby our offices?

No. It is best to not select a coach simply based on distance from your site. Dr. Maddalena will require at least two meetings on-site: to Debrief the Assessment and to review results with the Client’s Direct Line Manager. Many coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, as our Clients often travel or prefer to schedule sessions during a business day.

Is there a cost to speak with Dr. Maddalena to discuss our situation?

No. There is no cost or obligation to discuss your current individual or team coaching needs. Please complete the MTM contact form; including several dates and times you are available for a conference call. One of the MTM professionals will respond to coordinate schedules.

Does Dr. Maddalena speak at public or in-house corporate events?

Yes. If you are interested in having Dr. Maddalena speak at your event, please complete the MTM Contact form, providing details about the engagement.

Do you have a question not included here? Contact us today and an MTM professional will respond to your question within 48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you and will gladly share our experience and resource to assist you to achieve your goals.