Assessment and personality evaluations are useful tools for personal growth based on understanding as well as to gain insight when you are selecting new team members, recruiting or developing people.

The professionals at mtmCoach will work with your team to identify and administer the Assessment that best meets your needs.

  • 360 Review: MTM’s unique 360 Review required personal interviews with all Contributors to the Review. Our Assessment magnifer to leadershipReports merge Contributor comments according to the four domains addressed in the Personality Assessment — providing a clear and balanced understanding of the relationship of how others see the individual to the individual’s self-perception.
  • Hogan Leadership Series: An outstanding series of instruments, the individual is able to explore his or her potential, values and challenges, revealing underlying motivations and implications of specific behaviors and attributes. The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series provides three assessments that explore the individual’s personality, talent, and self-perception.
  • MBTI: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument can provide the insight necessary to connect with others, form consensus and collaborate effectively.Teams that are engaged, united and aware of each members’ strength are able to make more effective decisions, work through periods of dissension and develop options during times of change.

Value of Personality Assessments

A personality test can provide us with a way to identify, then categorize, different characteristics or traits that are not easily revealed. By learning how others might react to different personalities or situations, you are provided with the knowledge necessary to recommend appropriate team members and work environments that allow the individual to perform to their strengths. Selecting the appropriate assessment will provide the user with insight necessary for self-reflection and understanding, job placement, to learn how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

For more detailed information on assessments, you are welcome to download and share the following article by Dr. Maddalena, Choosing a Personality Assessment, or Off the Rails: Avoiding the high Cost of Failed Leadership reprinted from WORKforce Management Magazine.

Selecting and Hiring new Leaders Personality, potential, values and drivers are important factors when considering an employee for hire on any level. Using an assessment allows the company to obtain some information on the prospective employee’s ability to join the culture, relate to peers and align with the company’s mission and vision before making an investment in the individual. By considering the prospect’s personality, the hiring company is better able to anticipate how that employee may perform within the confines of the business and interact with the existing staff. For example, a new hire’s goal-driven, positive personality will model leadership behavior, inspiring greater job commitment and engaging others to improved performance.

Teamwork Understanding your own personality type expands your awareness of the types of personalities in others that you are most inclined to appreciate, support and form successful working relationships. By learning to recognize personal barriers and drivers of other team members, functioning as well as dysfunctional teams are better prepared to identify processes that to work through differences and achieve mutually beneficial win-win solutions.

Retaining Talented Employees Developing self awareness is necessary for self-growth. Identifying and accepting strengths and weaknesses is the first step to seeking positive and rewarding relationships and work success. Recognizing behaviors that are counter-productive, that impede personal success, present an opportunity to explore alternative behaviors and create a new path for on-going development. Enable your employees to continue to grow and find value in their work by assessing their abilities and interest and seeking new ways to inspire their commitment to continued high performance with your firm.