Job Selection

Selecting and Hiring new Leaders 

The study of an individual’s personality presents a great deal of information that when carefully studied and applied will save your firm money and produce greater success in employee selection and retention. 

HandshakeEmploying the proper diagnostic tool, the company representative will be able to explore the individual’s  potential , values and drivers as they are triggered by the work environment

Using an assessment allows your talent managers to gain an understanding of  the prospective employee’s views, interests, and perceptions, and the ability to apply that knowledge before making a financial commitment to the individual.

For example, assessment data reveals key influencers and drivers  to indicate how the new hire will be able to assimilate into the existing culture:

  • How will s/he relate to peers?
  • Will s/he embrace and align with the company’s mission and vision?
  • Is the work itself suited to the nature and preferences of the individual?
  • What is the individual’s level of interest in the activities necessary to succeed at the proposed task?

Provide your company’s talent managers with the data to make an informed choice.  Using an assessment tool will ensure that the individual you select has the best possible chance for success.  Most importantly, it is wise to note that it is not only the success of the new hire that concerns any talent manager: it is also important to retain and continue to inspire current employees.

By using the best tools available you will be able to identify a new hire who is goal-driven with a positive personality that will  model leadership behavior, thus inspiring greater job commitment and engaging others to improved performance.

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