Performance Improvement

Build on your Strengths

When a member of your team is not meeting goals, seems to be working ineffectually or demonstrating stress over future projects and change, it is useful to provide them with an opportunity to re-evaluate their career, their behaviors and their goals as well as commitment to their work.

Key Goals & ObjectivesProviding individual or team coaching will enable the individual to step back and consider what is required of them: what skills, behaviors and goals must be refined and possible re-directed. For many, the opportunity to participate in a Psychological Assessment is very impactful, encouraging a deeper look at assumptions, reactions and past practices. This self-evaluation opens the individual to the possibilities before them, the ability to do things differently and to achieving a more positive reward. By realizing the potential they before them and a deeper appreciation for strengths, they are committed to learn techniques to build on their strengths and break bad habits while practicing productive new behaviors will encourage a renewal of energies and a re-commitment to success.

Coaching is a learning process. The MTM Coaching process relies on identifying today’s thought-leaders, understanding their concepts, and enhancing the individual’s ability to choose, test, and apply the best approach for maximum success. A few of the authors whose work will be studied include:

  • Peter Block
  • Daniel Pink
  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Marshall Goldsmith
  • Peter Drucker and many more….

Build Effective Teams

Employ proven best practices for effective project management.

  • Improve team performance and commitment
  • Set realistic expectations and benchmarks
  • Get buy-in for a working plan
  • Identify stakeholders, key influencers
  • Create a SWOT Analysis to prepare for change
  • Develop effective communication network
  • Recognize individual and team efforts

MTM professions are available to conduct focus groups, facilitate decision-making sessions and guide your members to form productive teams.

The best ‘People Managers’ are those capable of motivating, engaging and leading.
Develop your employees — provide the communications and management skills necessary to build and to support effective teams.

MTM offers a wide range of articles and case studies prepared by Dr. Lucille Maddalena from her experience working with Fortune 100 firms for 30 years. You are invited to view this material that may address a current situation of concern. To read articles on Performance Improvement, view our Blog Posts the topic of Assessments. Click the case study below to read examples of MTM’s work at client sites:

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