360 Reviews

MTM’s unique 360 Review is one of the most popular services offered by MTM professionals.

The manner in which the data is gathered makes MTM’s 360 Review so popular and profound in the insight offered.  There are several steps to the implementation of a successful 360 Review:

    Pros and Cons

  • Criteria is first established to identify those best qualified to contribute to the 360 Review.
  • The selected individuals are contacted  by the person to be Reviewed, and invited to serve as a a Contributor to the Review.
  • Each Contributor is interviewed by Dr. Maddalena or an MTM professional Coach.
  • The data is compiled in ‘themes’ to encourage the individual to immediately apply the information as presented by a group; avoiding  attempts to identify the author of individual statements.
  • The feedback obtained is presented in a private and confidential meeting.

The 360 Review is a stand-alone assessment tool.  It is most often combined with a full Personality Assessment to allow the individual to obtain feedback from others which can be compared to their self-analysis.

Each coaching client will receive an Assessment Reports that averages about 80 full pages. A significant part of the Assessment Report is the 360 Review.

MTM offers a wide range of articles and case studies prepared by Dr. Lucille Maddalena from her experience working with Fortune 100 firms for 30 years. You are invited to view this material that may address a current situation of concern.  To read articles on Performance Improvement, view our Blog Posts the topic of Assessments.

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