Succession Planning

Developing your future leaders

The future of your firm depends on how you develop your employees.

A critical step to business growth is supporting the development of employees. Managing your talent requires a comment and creation of defined strategies.

Handshake CongratulationsOne of the important steps in your Succession Planing program is to be certain that there are opportunities for the company’s leaders to meet high potential employees.  From informal gatherings to a formal element of your Performance Review program, Succession Planning is an on-going developmental process.

Unfortunately, even with the best Succession Plan in place, the demands of day-to-day business may interfere. For example, a leader with a high-powered successful team may be reticent to advance members to higher roles in the company, losing their expertise in their current capacity.  This is a two-way sword:  high performers who are not encouraged to move on may lose their ambition and seek outside opportunities.  Employing assessment tools  does remind leaders of the importance of recognizing the personal and career needs of every employee.

Avoiding barriers to promotion, recognizing high potentials employees then implementing a process to expose them to all aspects of your business is a critical step to business growth.  Assessment tools will provide your company with an understanding of the potential, values and challenges of existing staff, enabling the creation of effective programs to support and guide development.

MTM offers a wide range of articles and case studies prepared by Dr. Lucille Maddalena from her experience working with Fortune 100 firms for 30 years. You are invited to view this material that may address a current situation of concern.  To read articles on Performance Improvement, view our Blog Posts on the topic of Assessments.

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