The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument is one of the world’s most popular personality measures.  It is the first choice of MTM professionals seeking to build teams and create effective task forces or  working groups.

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator InstrumentBased on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, it captures the fundamental differences between people – differences that may lie at the root of the misunderstandings and miscommunication we experience every day.

Participating in the MBTI as a team provides an opportunity for you team to focus on the process and learn useful tips to work together as a team.  Dr. Maddalena is a certified to administrator of  the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessment. This unique and popular instrument is ideal to open discussion between team members, to explore how others make decisions, discuss the others perspective and learn to respect as well as seek a different viewpoint:

  • Identify strengths and potential challenges
  • Work around—or minimize—potential blind spots
  • Improve individual and group capacities to solve problems, communicate, and use conflict constructively
  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences of team members
  • Develop team and individual action plans with specific steps to help improve performance

Support your team to learn to make effective and timely decisions by encouraging group analysis of issues that leads to positive action steps. Build strong working relationships that result in increased performance through productive meetings and open dialogue.

MTM offers a wide range of articles and case studies prepared by Dr. Lucille Maddalena from her experience working with Fortune 100 firms for 30 years. You are invited to view this material that may address a current situation of concern.  To read articles on Performance Improvement, view our Blog Posts on the topic of Assessments.

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