Executive Coaching

Executive coaching supports leaders in transition. Whether you are assuming a new role, seeking to develop your Executive Presence, making an investment in your continued success or preparing to build your legacy, coaching has proven its value.

Dr. Maddalena is a recognized Master Coach with twenty years experience supporting global leaders.  Before you decide to work with Dr. Maddalena, you are welcome to speak with previous clients– many of whom describe the experience as ‘transformational”.  Here are some of the situations and  goals addressed by those who have worked with Dr. Maddalena:

Climbing steps to success

  • Transitioning to a new role?
    Improve your communication and relationship-building skills
  • Accepting greater responsibility?
    Global firms require leaders to be effective distance-managers
  • Mentoring a challenging new group of young leaders?
    Use your skills as a Role Model to inspire and develop others
  • Concerned that you are being overlooked?
    Gain the self-confidence to show you are a qualified leader
  • Dissatisfied with you how are perceived by others?
    Build an image that best reflects your abilities
  • Assuming new responsibilities?
    Learn to lead by attracting and keeping followers

Dr. Maddalena will work with you at on-site and on-line, maintaining a schedule that works best for you. Typical engagements are six months.  Each engagement begins with a compilation of your confidential 80-90 page Assessment Report providing you with the insight of what others say about you as well as how you view yourself.  From this information you will develop your personal Coaching Contract, stating specific goals and objectives for the coaching engagement that ensure a viable and valuable experience.

Are you a Candidate for Coaching?  Successful executives chose coaching support when experiencing the highs or lows inherent in a corporate career such as …
• a new assignment, team or organizational change requiring new skills and approaches
• a barrier to their promotion due to an unrecognized habit, behavior, situation or practice
• significant recognition and success from routine or special projects/events
• a lack of confidence in their ability to accept change and transition
• a desire to refine their image, effectively projecting the presence and qualities of leadership
• the need to better connect with staff on all levels through more effective interpersonal skills
• new situations requiring a different approach to decision making and planning
• public speaking skills to better present to large groups with greater confidence
• an understanding of how recognizing Emotional Intelligence will aid themselves and their team
• greater emphasis of status as Role Model, Mentor or Statesman, supporting high potentials as well as the company’s culture, internal dynamics and future growth

Consistent, collaborative leadership can be achieved by providing on-site Leadership Coaching for your staff at your national sites:

Leadership Coaching… build your leadership bench

Dr. Maddalena continues to support middle-managers to advance to leadership role by serving as a Master Coach to identify and monitor coaches at company site. Click here to read about how we create your unique company-tailored Coaching Model to provide consistency in how your staff is coached.  Working within our global network to identify talented Leadership Coaches located near your local sites, we ensure on-site availability as well as an understanding of the local culture.

 Don’t put it off another day

Let’s come up with a plan to support your leaders in transition. We have worked with outstanding leaders in their field–successful people who call us when they are in in a stage of change. They all know one thing: the higher you are in the organization, the less opportunity to get the feedback you need to grow. Silos don’t work: we all fail in isolation. Provide the support needed for continue success sending an email to Dr. Maddalena.