Board Communications


A successful, privately owned company prepared to go public. In addition to planning this major undertaking, decisions had to be made to replace the founding member who was scheduled to retire just prior to public announcement of the company transition.

Well aware of the impact of these events would have on themselves, their families and the company’s personnel, the stress and pressure of this major change began to show on the key management team, especially during planning meetings. The senior management group was committed to making fair and equitable arrangements to support all concerned.


The future of the business; the livelihoods of the founder, board members, and all personnel in the organization.


Facilitate the planning process, keep meetings focused on specific goals, and identify available resources to support employee morale and retention by making them part of the change.


“The owners and board members had a major tasks to accomplish: the management team’s dissolution and reorganization; transferring responsibilities from the retiring founder; all while managing the company°s ever-increasing workload. For the first six months I was a 86532209facilitator, allowing group members to introduce issues within a structured format all could adhere to. As a result, personal and business interests were sorted and addressed with a minimum of distractions and emotions. Eventually these structured bi-weekly meetings addressed the many complex tasks necessary to prepare staff for the changes.”


The board members achieved a successful and smooth transition throughout all levels of the organization. Following the strategic planning stage, tactical plans for a company-wide announcement prior to public disclosure were prepared. MTM designed and offered a series of workshops, seminars, private mentoring, and coaching programs to employees enabling them to participate in the change.

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