From Tech to Manager


A manufacturing engineer, Robert, was given the opportunity to lead a newly formed cross-functional team. Robert knew that he received the promotion because of his seniority and competency as an engineer. He had no training or experience as a manager, but had served as team leader on a recent, successful project. Never having conducted a performance evaluation, he was uncomfortable making decisions that would affect someone’s livelihood and job status. His greatest concern was managing several cross-functional project teams, as members were drawn from function areas and levels throughout the division.


To reach stated goals for team success.


Help Robert quickly develop new skills and create a plan of teambuilding events.Business people shaking hands


“To increase his confidence, he attended seminars to develop a better understanding of human dynamics and improve his communication skills. In a mentor-relationship, we worked with Robert to introduce techniques that would help him motivate others by identifying the personality of his team and their perspective of project goals. What was most important to Robert is that we posed options and helped him learn how to effectively observe and evaluate team member talents, organized assignments and helped him choose effective monitoring tools.”


Robert gradually grew into his role as a confident and successful engineer and manager, gaining the respect of his peers and staff. For his personal on-going development he identified and gained the support of two individuals willing to guide him as mentors.


Prepare yourself to understand risk and choose the most effective action by working with MTM’s professional mentors to create a personal or career development plan to outline your specific goals and explore your perceptions of leadership.

Team members will be challenged to evaluate the perceived leadership abilities of others and serve as leadership mentors within the group. For those with some management experience, MTM coaching programs are available for occasional advice and direction for immediate support to succeed at existing work goals.