Framing Conversations: Skill building at your pace

Dr. Lucille Maddalena Framing ConversationsFinally, an easy, quick way for technical professionals such as scientists, finance people, or anyone in high tech to develop their skills to engage clients and efficiently manage a meeting:

  • Technical professionals accustomed to working individually will be gain the skills to connect with others in effective working relationships.
  • Customer service and sales representatives will explore new ways to identify and satisfy client needs.
  • Leaders will learn to inspire others to achieve mutually beneficial goals within a specific time frame.

Dr. Lucille Maddalena has guided thousands of professionals at Fortune 500 firms to improve their communication skills, to build rapport with internal and external clients,  and to effectively manage a meeting within a set time frame.

FRAMING CONVERSATIONS is a 30-minute video with a free downloadable Workbook. You will be guided through the four stages of a conversation at your pace, as you prepare to engage your client and conduct an effective meeting.  Each stage is presented in the Workbook, with on-screen visuals and through actual examples, as you watch  Nick work with Ann, a new and difficult internal client. In addition, you will receive TIPS to ensure your success and best of all, when you complete the program you will have applied the steps and created your own dialogue to use during your future meetings.

Master the four stages of a conversation to gain new skills

Framing Conversations Participants

  • Make decisions based on full information gained from asking the right questions
  • Build trust and rapport with peers, clients, colleagues for effective working relationships
  • Engage others to want to meet with you by being authentic and respectful
  • Professionally guide a meeting to meet your goals and stay within a set timeframe
  • Develop new techniques to listen, acknowledge and respond to others

Don’t allow your meetings to drag on too long or simply miss the point. Learn new techniques to stay on-topic, to reach agreement, to clarify and confirm your understanding to be certain you are both fully aligned before your move ahead.

Watch the free preview video

This free preview video is an introduction to FRAMING CONVERSATIONS. After watching, if you agree that this program will enable you to gain new skills, please fill out the order form at the bottom of this page.


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