Leadership Coaching

Future Leaders  – Building your Bench

To effectively support the high-potential employees currently serving as middle-managers, you seek to provide training, mentoring and support to aid them to advance in a leadership role.  At MTM we will help you develop a Leadership Coaching Model to implement a organized and practical plan for on-site coaching of your future leaders.  After establishing your coaching goals and preparing a profile of the individuals you seek to advance, we will work with you to locate and guide talented coaches that live and work in the community in which your business operates.

Working with your Human Resource Department we will create a company-tailored Coaching Model identifying a time frame, process,and action points to clearly describe how Coaching will be organized as a consistent process at all company sites.

Construction EngineersCandidates to serve as your Leadership Coaches are vetted and submitted to the Human Resource officer at each of the client’s locations:  it is the client who interviews and selects the coach with the confidence that Dr. Maddalena will monitor performance and ensure a coaching process that aligns with the company’s coaching model.

The Leadership Coach you select will be trained by Dr. Maddalena to employ the Coaching Model you have created.  She will prepare them to employ the latest learning tools, create a feedback and reporting system, and maintain contact with the Leadership Coach throughout each coaching event to ensure maximum success.

References are available from client companies to attest to the value of developing and installing a monitored, consistent coaching plan to develop your future leaders. In addition, you are invited to read stories and case studies on the topic of coaching in our MTM Blogs.

Contact MTM to learn more about how you can develop a Leadership Coaching program tailored specifically to address the culture and future of your company.