New Leaders Coaching Model

Global Firms require a unique Coaching Model for Consistency in the Coaching initiative

Dr. Maddalena works with your corporate Human Resource leaders to develop a Coaching Model to meet the unique needs of your firm.  By establishing a format and process for coaching, including goals, time-frames and outcomes, coachees at sites around the world are able to experience a similar process: when they meet they are able to share their learning and build on the experience of others.  We will help you locate local coaches, prepare them to employ your Coaching Model, monitor their success and support their efforts by sharing a full understanding of your corporate culture, mission and vision, all under the watchful eyes of your local Human Resource professionals.

On-site Leadership Coaching

Silhouetted group of business peopleCoaching is most successful when it is part of a continuing learning program: many of our clients follow LEAN processes for continued improvement.  A critical job of every leader is to prepare a replacement, a trained and capable individual to assume the leadership role and continue to meet the company goals.  As stewards of your team, you will provide your members with the tools to recognize and apply  their talent to achieve their personal and career aspirations.

To provide consistent coaching for your high-potential new managers, we work with your Human Resource professionals to implement your Leadership Coaching Model.  Working to meet your goals, we develop a plan to identify, vet and prepare then monitor credentialed coaches located at your sites globally.  Each MTM Leadership Coach selected will work closely with the local HR professional at your site offices.

On-line Group Coaching

Today’s global firms require a unique approach to distance coaching. On-line small group coaching provides the consistency of a unified coaching approach tailored to the specific needs of staff at divergent locations.  The ten-session series guides the small group to greater personal self-awareness while fostering an environment of teamwork and trust among the participants. To learn how your teams can benefit from this opportunity, contact us today.

Teamwork is built on strong working relationships

A well-functioning team can accomplish more and better work than can an individual or even a group of individuals working independently. Teams provide different perspectives on problems, mutual support for achieving objectives, and a shared sense of accomplishment. Yet teamwork also presents challenges because it requires that individuals with different viewpoints work closely together to accomplish a goal. Members of a team must learn how to listen to and communicate with one another—to truly understand and appreciate how their teammates see the world and prefer to work

Contact Dr. Maddalena to discuss how she can work with you to create a learning environment to guide your team, staff or company through change. Employ proven tools to support your Project Management and Organization Development effort.  Overcome silos, conflict, and internal competition with unique workshops, consulting interventions and planning processes that gain staff commitment to develop specific action steps for success.

In addition, you are invited to read stories and case studies on the topic of coaching in our MTM Blogs.