Team Development

Teamwork is critical to project and business success. Prepare your teams to respect the contribution of others, to evaluate suggestions and collaborate to build consensus for effective decisions.

iStock_000029145504XSmall-business-mtgContributing as a member of a team rarely permits the team members the opportunity to know other members, to recognize the others passion and talents.  Using an assessment or a structured event engages all members and encourages open sharing, exploring of personal motivations that trigger what and how issues/ideas are raised during a team discussion.

Create an environment that encourages feedback.  Surprisingly, few people are able to give or receive feedback to maximize its effectiveness. Introducing proven processes that embed the concept of securing feedback in every interaction reduces individual needs for hidden and distracting agendas while eliminating the practice of time-consuming and ineffective brain storming.  Teams are able to recognize that change is constant,  thus decisions must be flexible and teams must exhibit agility to respond to the changing environment.  Teams identify processes that will enable them to gather and sort through data to focus on content, evaluate options and select the best alternatives


Employ proven best practices for effective project management.

  • Improve team performance and commitment
  • Set realistic expectations and benchmarks
  • Get buy-in for a working plan
  • Identify stakeholders, key influencers
  • Create a SWOT Analysis to prepare for change
  • Develop effective communication network
  • Recognize individual and team efforts

MTM professions are available to conduct focus groups, facilitate decision-making sessions and guide your members to form productive teams.

The best ‘People Managers’ are those capable of motivating, engaging and leading.

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