Transition to Leadership

Leadership Workshops and Group Coaching

Moving into a leadership role requires a new perspective of your career, your role within the company and your relationships.  Your task is to be a role model, to inspire, to motivate many who do not directly report to you.  How you organize your work, conduct meetings and mentor others will be your legacy.


Provide on-going leadership development through training and group coaching.

  • Maintain skills by offering on-site facilitation, coaching and mentoring resource to assist successful project implementation.
  • Model positive management practices and interpersonal communications/behavioral approaches that create a motivating work environment.
  • Encourage talent growth in alignment with succession plans and business goals.

STRUCTURED MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TRAINING:  Offering the best from thought-leaders  by bridging the fields of Communications, Management, Psychology….

Phase 1:  2 Day Immersion Seminar The series begins with four modules presented in an intensive, interactive two-day seminar designed to offer new, potential and experienced managers the opportunity to explore new techniques, to refresh skills, share perspectives, examine individual styles and explore proven management options.

Phase 2: Three Months Individual/Group Coaching

  • Participants are invited to maintain contact with Seminar administrator using internet email for three months during period between seminars.
  • If client has available facilities for Webinar technology, class members may request one conference call with administrator monthly for three months after initial seminar.

Phase 3: 1 Day Follow-up Seminar A one-day follow-up seminar focusing on the skills of planning, participants will be engaged in activities to help them relate personal management experiences since the TM1 class:

Review of key leadership role

  • Introduction of additional planning and communications skills
  • Identify personal strengths and the areas that could be improved.
  • Discuss individual action plans for personal growth
  • Enhance leader job satisfaction.
  • Improve internal communications.

Provide your leaders with the tools to express ideas and encourage feedback, gain the respect and support of others, and receive the recognition deserved for business and leadership success..


 A key element of this program is the use of external consultants with business management experience dedicated to the success of the individual or the group as models. Thought-leaders will be invited to address your group on-site presenting advanced education in management and behavioral sciences, offering practical management skills-based support.

Self-Coaching: The desired outcome of the development effort is to enable each ‘class’ to become an on-going support network for members. Each group will learn to provide self-coaching.


  • Train and prepare for successful transitions
  • Recognize and employ natural talents, skills & knowledge
  • Build effective interpersonal communications skills
  • Form new relationships, connections and networks
  • Prepare for a new role; build a new team
  • Learn innovative techniques for bottom-line results
  • Replace isolating silos with collaboration & alliances
  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making
  • Remove obstacles to personal growth
  • Expand your ‘footprint’: assess growth options

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